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Making a Difference with Your Branded Merchandise

This week’s blog is written by Guest Author Corban Bryant! Corban is the Director of Purnaa, a company in Nepal which you’ll learn more about…

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Understanding What ‘Free-From’ Foods Are

Just as important as what’s included in a food product is what isn’t included. The rise of so-called “free-from foods” is in line with consumers…

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The Future of Food

pacmoore blog future of food algae

 If previous decades of food manufacturing focused on bulk, then the current climate favors quality. But what about the future? It’s likely that the next…

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Organic versus Non-GMO Labels

Organic Vs. Non GMO Labels PacMoore

With more and more consumers seeking to avoid food products made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), many are wondering about the differences between organic and…

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What You Must Know To Ensure Food Safety

Food Manufacturing Safety Blog PacMoore

The food manufacturing industry is under the microscope — literally. Here is some important information to ensure food safety at every stage of the supply…

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Food Processing Global Trends


Food processing industry trends are essentially always in flux. It’s an industry with constantly changing regulations, as well as new technologies that are changing the…

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Think Small to Get Big

Today we’re excited to publish a blog written by guest author, F&B industry guru, and PacMoore friend, Steve Gaither! Learn more about Steve in his…

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A Year of Collaborative and On-Trend Extrusion Innovation

PacMoore Food Extrusion Innovation Ancient Grains Clean Label

In 2017, PacMoore hosted over 30 different current and potential customers at the PacMoore Innovation Lab in Gridley, IL. We have had the opportunity to…

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Disruptive Flexible Packaging and Its Impact on Your Branding

food industry blog disruptive brand packaging pacmoore

Your brand can’t scream from the shelves (yet), so you need another tactic to draw in potential consumers who don’t have the time or patience…

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Reducing Supply Chain Costs is Easier Than You Think

supply chain shipping and logistics pacmoore contract manufacturing

Companies in the consumer packaged goods (CPGs) industry are always eager for ways to make their supply chain as efficient and cost effective as possible….

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