Finding Ingredients and Suppliers on Fieldcraft

FieldcraftFinding the right ingredients and suppliers can be daunting. New online solutions are providing the benefits of aggregated information common to trade shows with the digital convenience of a consumer marketplace.

Fieldcraft is the first digital marketplace for all ingredients from farm to foodtech. Since launching, thousands of buyers are using Fieldcraft from emerging brands to global food and beverage companies. Suppliers on the platform range from a seven acre orchard to a 40,000 acre Organic operation, and from local processors to the largest ingredient supplier in the world. Fieldcraft’s aim is to make ingredient sourcing easier and more transparent.

Building the Future of Food

Fieldcraft’s marketplace is host to a wide range of innovators and innovations at every stage of the value-added supply chain. Here are some of the latest suppliers joining Fieldcraft:

Ochs Ranch, a transitional Organic wheat grower

Agrofloresta, a supplier using reagroforestation to revert land degradation

Rumi, an importer sourcing saffron from Afghan women

Renewal Mill, a woman-led upcycled flour startup

Geltor, a biodesigned plant protein manufacturer

Buyers including brands, manufacturers, bakers, brewers and distillers use Fieldcraft to simplify discovery and ingredient sourcing from new and existing suppliers and growers.

Modernizing Ingredient Sourcing

On Fieldcraft, buyers get access to thousands of ingredients and suppliers at their fingertips. Its proprietary database and search engine streamline marketing and sourcing and simplify matchmaking. Buyers can easily search multiple criteria simultaneously including by plant or non-plant source, processed forms, solutions, certifications and more. Suppliers also have their sourcing teams on Fieldcraft and access new opportunities to buy and sell, while growers and other small businesses access new markets and match supply and demand better.

Streamlining the Supply Chain

Fieldcraft started out by connecting buyers to specialty crop growers which gave Fieldcraft’s co-founders a unique perspective into how to streamline the value-added supply chain. Co-Founder and CEO Michael Chapman comes from a farming community and is passionate about the future of food and agriculture, and about ingredients and a vehicle of innovation. Michael is a veteran, led special operations teams in the CIA and later served in the White House Situation Room. Co-Founder and CTO Kristy Flynn spent over a decade developing technology and data solutions for small to Fortune 100 companies around the world.