No Shortage of Options

When you choose to outsource contract manufacturing and dry ingredient processing to PacMoore, you can specify that we use nearly any type or style of food packaging.

Industrial Packaging Options
At both of our production facilities, we can process products into or from bulk bags, multi-wall bags (valve, open mouth, or dairy), poly bags, drums, bag-in-box, Gaylord boxes, bulk trucks or bulk rail.

Consumer Packaging Options
Our Hammond facility has the ability to provide gusseted stand up or lay flat pouches with a variety of options as well as cartons that can either have the pouches we produce inserted into them or be filled directly with product.

Labeling Options
Our product labeling options include laser or inkjet printing, labels, stamps, stenciling, pre-printed stickers, or preprinted bags.

Bulk Options
We can unload or load into both bulk trucks and railcars. Our Hammond facility can service up to 5 railcars at a time. Our Mooresville plant can service up to 22 railcars, including 8 indoors.

Sourcing Options
We can receive and warehouse inbound shipments of your packaging materials for a toll packaging process or source them on your behalf as part of a turnkey contract manufacturing solution.



Food Packaging Meets Production
The right food packaging can make a tremendous difference. You want options that best secure your products, make shipping and storage easy, and best satisfies your customers or consumers.From drums to retail pouches, PacMoore has the food packaging you need..

How will the right food manufacturing products help you run a better business? Read about our various food packaging product types.

Retail Pouches
Food packaging pouches come with a variety of options, depending on whether you need your product to lay flat, stand upright or more. They can be machine sealed to include zippers or tear notches or gussets. Pouches are perfect for tightly sealing and preserving food products for shipping or storing. They can also easily be placed in other packaging such as retail cartons or display shippers.

Retail Cartons
Cartons have been a popular retail and foodservice option for many years.Cartons provide product protection and can be filled directly with product or have pouches inserted in them for an additional product barrier. Like retail pouches, cartons quickly convey brand image and product details.They can also be resealed for easy storage.

Like pouches, industrial food packaging bags are excellent for protecting food products from moisture and more. Typically available in paper, our food packaging bags are made to be easily opened, as needed. Packaging options vary in terms of number of layers, poly coatings and types of openings. They can be sized to the exact amount of product you need in further production.

Boxes are perfect for shipping and storing various food products. The boxes we carry come in different sizes and have such features as corrugated exteriors, sealed interior poly bags and separate corrugated lids. Boxes are great for protecting food products that are easily damaged by weight if stacked in other types of less rigid packaging.

Drums offer a secure option for convenient shipping of food products. The drums we carry are made from fiber or plastic and include a sealed interior poly bag. They can be firmly sealed and secured with sturdy lids. When strength and structure matter, our selection of drums are perfect for packaged food supply.

Railcars and Trucks
Not only can we provide retail or industrial packaging options but we can also provide you with the bulk alternatives you need because of our rail and interstate access.We offer bulk trucks and bulk railcars created specifically for shipping food materials. Our trucks and railcars are designed for easy loading and unloading, and provide a secure means for transporting food.