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Pilot Food Extrusion PacMoore Innovation Lab

From crisp grains to crunchy cookie bits to protein crisps to precooked flours, our twin screw food extrusion systems are designed to accommodate a broad range of products.

Innovation Emphasis
On June 22, 2015 the PacMoore Innovation Lab in Gridley, IL was opened and dedicated to the glory of God with a Proverbs 16:3 plaque that is placed on all new PacMoore buildings. This site was designed with our customers in mind – to offer product development support by utilizing our Wenger TX-57 twin screw pilot extruder and PacMoore’s own Jon Baner – our Senior Technical Manager, a Certified Food Scientist, and a guru in the field of extrusion.

Production Mindset
PacMoore’s full scale Coperion 120 twin screw extruder was proudly commissioned at our Mooresville facility at the end of 2016. The Gridley extrusion pilot facility provides a valuable entry point for customers to develop and validate products before they move to the next step of full scale production. At PacMoore you will find a team of professionals who are dedicated to building long term relationships based on trust and understanding. From an equipment standpoint, the food extrusion setup includes:

  • Full scale Coperion 120 mm twin screw extruder
    • Preconditioner
    • Conveyor dryer
    • Classification equipment
    • Metal detection and magnets
    • 2,000 to 3,000 pounds per hour capacity
  • Pilot Wenger 57 mm twin screw extruder
    • Classification equipment
    • Fluid bed dryer/cooler
    • 100 to 250 pounds per hour capacity

More Information:
Download our Extrusion Sell Sheet or the Ultimate Guide to Extrusion here.

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