Ingredient Blending in Manufacturing

Experience Makes the Difference
Our blending system designs are born from years of experience. Engineered for speed and precision, our industrial mixing equipment ensures homogeneous finished blends and the ultimate in food safety. If you are in need of product development assistance, we also offer pilot blenders (both plow and ribbon) in a stand-alone pilot lab for test runs and cost effective validation before you scale up to our full-size toll blending equipment.

Plow blending
As a true industry point of differentiation, PacMoore operates 4 full-scale industrial size plow blenders. The unique action created by the movement and geometry of these specialized blenders produces a thorough, fully dispersed intermingling of ingredients. An additional option is the use of high-speed chopper blades that enhance mixing by controlling particle size while also providing the ability to introduce and disperse fats, oils, and liquids. The result is homogeneous ingredient blending and tremendous consistency. Typical blend times are only 1 to 5 minutes.

Ribbon blending
If you’re looking for conventional versatility, PacMoore also operates 3 full-scale industrial size ribbon blenders that provide counter-directional flow while continuously mixing the ingredients throughout the vessel. The inside ribbon moves materials toward the ends of the blender, while the outside ribbon moves material toward the center discharge. The result is a prize-winning production run. Due to a more gentle and fluid motion and agitation, typical blend times run between 10 to 20 minutes.

Food Processing Capabilities