Specialty Food Manufacturing, Packaging & Distributing

PacMoore can be a major asset for manufacturers in the specialty food industry. From handling to packaging, our team is trained to meet even the most stringent requirements. Read on to learn more about specialty food manufacturing and why specialty food companies trust PacMoore with their business needs.

Specialty Food — An Industry of Its Own

Compared with more mainstream food products distributed to a larger general population, specialty foods are distributed to targeted groups, either because of dietary constraints, cultural restrictions or personal preference. Those products require additional attention to detail and methodology. In addition to specific preparation requirements, specialty food packaging can be more complex than other foods.

Often times, specialty food products require methods not offered by all food manufacturers. PacMoore has years of experience in specialty food packaging, and our team is flexible enough to adjust to your company’s requirements. We also have a keen understanding of the various ingredients that should or should not be included in a given food product. As such, you and your consumer customers can rest easy.

A Range of Specialty Food Services

How can we help you?

Chances are good that we’ve taken on projects similar to yours in the past, and if not, we are able to adjust to meet your specifications. Our comprehensive process covers storage, product manufacturing, testing, quality control and packaging. From start to finish, we’ve got you covered.

A Variety of Options for Specialty Foods

At PacMoore, we’ve worked with clients in countless sectors. We have sound methodologies in place for virtually every specialty food. To name the primary types of specialty food we manufacture and package:

We ensure the quality of every one of our specialty food products. In addition to more common specialty foods, we’re happy to take on lesser-known or more complex jobs.

The Importance of Quality Specialty Foods

Regardless of the product, PacMoore takes pains to ensure high quality. Why should you trust PacMoore as your specialty food packaging supplier? Specialty foods often times are made in response to dietary restrictions. For your customer, a sloppy or incomplete job can pose a significant health risk.

Furthermore, there are cultural and religious aspects of specialty foods. Such foods as kosher or halal products must adhere to strict preparation and ingredients guidelines from start to finish. We understand these challenges, and help to ensure that you are in full compliance when it comes to your food product.

Why PacMoore?

When you work with PacMoore, you trust your specialty food project with the best of the best. When even a small detail matters, PacMoore is consistently seen as the most reliable option. We work closely with our food manufacturing and distribution partners to develop and execute a plan that works for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings for specialty food manufacturers, and to find out why PacMoore leads the industry in food manufacturing and packaging.