Gluten-Free Food Manufacturing

As a leading food manufacturer, PacMoore takes gluten-free food processing very seriously. As part of our comprehensive specialty food services, PacMoore is committed to public safety and offers high-quality, reliable gluten-free food manufacturing services. From processing to handling and storage, we ensure that your product meets the highest food safety standards. Below, learn more about the level of care and detail we offer as a gluten-free food manufacturer and find out why customers trust PacMoore with all their specialty food needs.


Gluten has taken on a higher profile in recent years as complications related to exposure are better understood.

Gluten is a protein composite found in all grains. For people with celiac disease (1 percent of the U.S. population), the briefest exposure to gluten can trigger an immune reaction, but nearly 20 million people contend that they regularly experience distress after eating products that contain gluten, and about 30% of Americans say they are trying to cut down or avoid gluten completely For food manufacturers, this poses the challenge of potential contamination during manufacturing and handling.

Food products that have been certified gluten-free let consumers know that the product has been tested, and the manufacturing and packaging site inspected for processes or ingredients that may contain gluten. The PacMoore process ensures that food products certified as gluten-free are safe for those with gluten allergies.


Gluten is everywhere. Proper processing and handling is a challenge, but that’s where qualified gluten-free manufacturers like PacMoore can help. A seemingly endless list of food products contains gluten protein naturally. Here is how it’s managed to ensure the gluten stays where it should be:

  • During the equipment design and quality process design stages,  expert work in areas such as air handling plans and equipment cleaning protocols need to be established and consistently adhered to mitigate the potential for cross contamination..
  • One of the challenges of protecting the integrity of gluten-free products is proper handling. Food products classified as gluten-free must be carefully handled and packaged so that they are not contaminated by food products containing gluten.
  • Gluten-free food storage must be executed carefully to further protect the products from contamination.

At PacMoore, our knowledge of specialty food packaging allows us to safely process and handle gluten-free food products from start to finish. With PacMoore, you can trust that your food products are always in good hands. 


Our custom approach to food processing and packaging makes us the obvious choice for gluten-free food services. PacMoore is a trusted partner for customers demanding assurance and high quality. We have the gluten-free manufacturing facilities, equipment and wealth of expertise to ensure we meet the high standards and testing requirements of gluten-free food production.

PacMoore is certified to handle and process gluten-free raw materials and products by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). In addition to this general certification, PacMoore has established receiving protocols to verify inbound products are gluten free and quality management systems to ensure that the gluten-free status of products is maintained through processing, packaging and shipping. PacMoore also has the ability to tailor our food-processing steps to customer requirements as long as they are compliant with the scope of our gluten-free certification.

To learn more about our offerings in gluten-free processing and packaging, or to hear more about our general specialty food services, contact PacMoore today.