Customer Testimonials

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Why Penford Food Ingredients Chooses PacMoore

innophos_logo“I was always confident of your capabilities, since my first visit, and now I have proof for our management. Thanks!”
Arbi Ibraimi, Senior Scientist, Innophos


innophos_logo“I’d like to compliment one of your [Customer Account Managers (CAMs)], for the excellent service she continues to provide Innophos while working at PacMoore Mooresville. This [CAM] has been very accommodating and has demonstrated exemplary commitment to servicing our needs as a company. Her flexibility, dedication, and organization is second to none. She has just undergone a surgery, and she even called to check up on our account while she was in recovery! Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended and I did not want it to go unnoticed.”
Tracey Watters, Innophos


Pacmoore Client Biorigin“Please pass along how much we at Biorigin appreciate the excellent job [the Quality Department] does packaging our samples.  Each lot is shipped separately to reduce the risk of any cross contamination, they are neatly labeled and without product residue.  In fact, I have taken pictures of these samples to send to other companies as an example of what a good sample shipment should look like!”
Donna Durbin, Quality – Biorigin


Pacmoore Client Temple Inland“The utmost compliment that I can say about you, your people and your company, is that “My life has been better off knowing you, than I would have been, if I had never met you at all.” Your company and people embrace things that I have been raised on, but have never witnessed working so well and thriving in a business environment in my professional career. While we both know and understand it is a business first, it is nice to see that certain business principles can be made to work and adapt in the times we are in. Whether we know it or not, we are all mentors to someone unbeknown to us in one way or another and being watched constantly in what we say or do daily. Thanks for opening my eyes and letting me see the hope which I was raised on.”
Randy Pilcher, Process Engineer/Chemist, Temple-Inland


Pacmoore Client Wild “Thank you all for such a wonderful experience. We were very impressed with PacMoore’s proficiency of toll manufacturing, expertise in spray drying, and the pleasant workplace and demeanor of all the employees.”
Ashley S. Harrison, WILD Flavors, Inc.


Pacmoore Client Keen Ingredients“I want you to know how much I enjoy working with PacMoore, and how impressive the team you have is!! We are honored to partner with such a high level company. Your standards and mission are something to be admired.“
Tim Bellio, Keen Ingredients