Non-GMO Foods

The non-GMO label is increasingly valuable in the food manufacturing industry. Consumers are more aware of what goes into their food than ever. PacMoore helps distributors show that their products are made from certified non-GMO ingredients with comprehensive manufacturing and packaging services. Below, learn more about the process behind non-GMO verified products, and find out how PacMoore can help you provide your customers with high-quality products they demand.

Behind the Non-GMO Food Label

GMO, or genetically modified organisms, refers to food products that have been modified by way of genetic engineering, often done for such purposes as increased production, shelf life and resistance to natural deterioration.

In recent years, GMO food production has been the source of controversy for a growing base of consumers who are skeptical of the GMO process and products. As such, non-GMO foods have become something of a speciality sector of the food manufacturing industry. For many consumers, non-GMO products are considered higher quality and more valuable than traditionally produced food products. Others will exclusively purchase non-GMO products as part of their standard diet.

Unique Challenges for a New Industry

As non-GMO has become a more high-demand type of food product, the food industry has grappled with proper labeling. Currently, legal requirements for non-GMO labeling are not uniform. Rather, food manufacturers are increasingly using secondary certification groups to confirm their food products are as advertised.

Non-GMO standards are strict, nonetheless. The Non-GMO Project, one of the leading advocates for GMO labeling rules, identifies guidelines for putting its certification label on food products. For example, not only must animal products be free of genetic engineering, but so must their food.

PacMoore has a strong understanding of industry standards when it comes to non-GMO labelling. We ensure that your food products meet the standards you require, and work with you to ensure accurate and transparent labeling.

What We Offer

Non-GMO food products are among a long list of specialty food products that we manufacture at PacMoore. Our team is highly experienced in meeting the strictest client specifications when it comes to non-GMO and other food manufacturing needs.

In addition to non-GMO food, we offer services in the following:

We have the experience and resources to provide you with high-quality specialty food products that meet non-GMO industry standards.

Why PacMoore Is Your Best Bet for Non-GMO

When you work with PacMoore, you’re trusting the best in the business. We have earned a reputation for quality and consistency when it comes to every product we provide, including non-GMO. Our team works closely with yours to understand your specific food manufacturing needs so that we can process, handle, package and store your products as needed.

To learn more about the process behind non-GMO food production and to find out what PacMoore can do for you, contact us today.