Foods That Have The Longest Shelf Life

If we have learned anything over the last two years, it’s the importance of keeping our shelves stocked. Whether it’s disruptions in the supply chain, winter storms or limited access to grocery stores, circumstances can change with little warning.

As such, consumers today are more likely to plan ahead, and many of them are looking for foods with a long shelf life. What they might not realize is that long-lasting food doesn’t have to be boring astronaut fare. Here are some of the longest shelf-stable foods that are both convenient and appetizing.

Fruits, Veggies and Tubers

Not all organics will wither in a vegetable drawer if left uneaten. Potatoes, onions and squash can stay fresh for weeks if properly stored in a cool, dark place. Even apples can hold their own for a time if they’re properly kept cool and humid.


Cooked peanuts, walnuts and almonds don’t have to be gobbled up within days of purchase. If kept in their shells, they can be saved for at least a month or two.


It didn’t take humans very long to figure out that properly cured meat could sustain travelers on long ventures. By its nature, beef jerky is perfectly suited for a long shelf life and is a tasty option to have handy in an emergency.

Canned Foods

The old grocery store standby is canned goods. If well-packaged and kept out of extreme elements, canned foods — including fruits, vegetables, meats and even certain dairy — can last for years on the shelf.

Powdered Foods

Powdered foods and ingredients are excellent shelf staples because they are far less prone to natural degradation if kept free from moisture. Powdered milk, for example, can outlast liquid milk by years.

Dried Pasta

Note the “dried” qualifier. While fresh pasta contains eggs and is more perishable, dried pasta is primarily made from flour and water and maintains a very low moisture content, inhibiting the growth of microbials. It’s a trusted standby in pantries and grocery stores because it stays good for years.


Oils are not quite as hardy as dried pasta. However, products such as coconut oil and olive oil are usable for years after purchase if stored properly to prevent oxidation.

Baking Ingredients

A lot of the food items listed above would fall into this category. Baking ingredients such as cornmeal and flour can last for years. Ultimately, what food has the longest shelf life? Ingredients such as sugar, honey and vinegar. They’ll essentially last as long as you keep them properly stored.

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