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A Puffed Movement

Puffed Grains have been around for over 110 years, but the process of puffing technology had not evolved much until the last 20 to 25…

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Lessons from Nepal

4.5 years ago, the executive team of PacMoore commissioned me to move to Nepal to learn how we could make a positive difference for the…

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Helping People Grow Through Employee Training

PacMoore Employee Training

Here at PacMoore, we strive to always consider the learning style of our new employees when we begin their training. Whether it’s visual, auditory, reading/writing,…

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Community Partner Spotlight: The Bridge Teen Center

Rob and Priscilla Steinmetz

“Why on earth do you need a teen center in the suburbs?” This is a question we heard all too many times when sharing the…

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Our Top 5 Most Popular Blogs

Enjoy our top 5 most poular blogs of all time

If you haven’t been following the PacMoore blog very long, you may have missed some of our most well-loved postings. That’s why we decided to…

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The Importance of Sanitation in a Food Facility

Sanitation in a Food Manufacturing Facility like PacMoore is extremely important

We all hear about recalls occurring in the food industry on an almost daily basis.  Who isn’t familiar with the Peanut Corporation of America recall…

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Are Plant Proteins as Good for You as Animal Proteins?

Three different types of seeds on wooden spoons.

The number of food products on the market which contain added protein is quickly growing. Most of these foods use protein derived from plant sources,…

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What are the Key Drivers of Efficiency in a Food Plant?

Rework, rework, and rework are some of the worst words you can hear in manufacturing. Any time packaging or material has to be handled unintentionally…

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The Evolution of Your Favorite Chocolate Wrappers

contract manufacturing wrappers

At PacMoore, we love chocolate. As a food contract manufacturer, we love to process and package chocolate blends and extrusions and mixes. And, of course,…

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Employee Development is about Investing in One Another

employee development leadership life transformation scott pothoven

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” That was a statement made in the early 1900s by Harvey Firestone who…

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