Understanding Non-GMO Food Standards

non-gmo project food labelingUnderstanding the ‘Non-GMO’ Food Label
Non-GMO labeling carries a lot of weight, in part because of what the label actually means, and also because of the amount of work that goes into certification. It’s not a label that can be slapped on any product. It takes a great deal of care to ensure that the process is consistent with established guidelines from start to finish.

What Does Non-GMO Mean?

The short answer: Non-GMO food labeling means the product is free of genetically modified organisms. But that definition prompts new questions. What qualifies as GMO in the first place? What if GMO substances are used at the start of the food production process but are not in the end product?

While the exact definition of GMO is still under debate, non-GMO labeling laws specify that the end product not only be free of animals and plants whose genetic makeup has been specifically altered, but growing and production must also be free of genetic modification. In other words, a crop can’t be treated with GMO fertilizers, for example.

Is the ‘Non-GMO’ Label Consistent Across the Country?

Yes. The Non-GMO Project is a nonprofit that certifies those products. Similar to how the FDA would regulate “organic” food products, the Non-GMO Project uses third-party inspectors for annual audits and on-site inspections. The process is consistent across the board.

What Does That Mean for Food Manufacturers?

pacmoore food manufacturer non-gmo food labelingFor starters, a food manufacturer offering the non-GMO label must be very careful about where it sources raw materials. A manufacturer that has been doing this for some time is likelier to be more discerning in selecting and utilizing the most trusted raw materials providers.

The second consideration is cross-contamination. A food manufacturer must have reliable fail-safes in place at every step of production to ensure that non-GMO foods stay that way through the end of production. Of course, an audit will ensure that the food manufacturer complies, but it provides some peace of mind to work with a manufacturer with the facilities, capacity and know-how to do it right.

Does PacMoore Offer Non-GMO Labeling Services?

At PacMoore, we offer a range of specialty food services, and non-GMO is a popular offering. When you work with our team, whether your need be for dry blending, extrusion, spray drying, re-packaging, consumer packaging, or any other need, you know that we meet the strictest guidelines at every stage.

To learn more about the non-GMO process and to find out what PacMoore can do for you, contact us today.



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