Author: Chris Bekermeier

Chris’ experience with Scott Paper and ConAgra has allowed him to sell and manage leading brands such as Scottissue®, Viva® Towels, Healthy Choice® and Butterball®. He received his B.S. in business management from Eastern Illinois University and his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. Chris currently leads marketing efforts to grow PacMoore’s food contract manufacturing business in the areas of dry blending, spray drying, extrusion, re-packaging, and consumer packaging.

Christmas Spiritual Fellowship with Bill Moore

Bill Moore Fellowship blog

Spiritual Fellowships are a unique and treasured hallmark of PacMoore. They are scheduled at each of our production facilities every month and have been faithfully…

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Finding a Contract Manufacturer – Website Directories That Can Help

At PacMoore, our hope is that we will be able to provide solutions to any and every new project our customers bring to us. But…

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Are Plant Proteins as Good for You as Animal Proteins?

Three different types of seeds on wooden spoons.

The number of food products on the market which contain added protein is quickly growing. Most of these foods use protein derived from plant sources,…

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Why Outsource and What to Look For When You Do

Why outsource processing to a contract manufacturer

Why use contract manufacturing Companies choose to utilize contract manufacturers for a variety of reasons.  Utilizing a contract manufacturer often reduces the need for a…

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Got Protein?

these Gluten Free Grains are rich in protein and great alternatives to meat protein.

PacMoore is well aware that our world population is expected to increase from 7 Billion people to 9 Billion people by 2050.  This projection combined…

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More to Show

pacmoore food manufacturing logo trade show processing company in chicago

New capabilities, product samples and more will highlight this year’s trade shows for PacMoore – hear it first from VP Sales & Marketing, Chris Bekermeier….

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