Month: May 2017

Join the Step Into Stability 5K June 17

Step into Stability 5K PacMoore Blog Bill Moore

PacMoore is getting involved with a wonderful organization called Stability First in the local community of our Mooresville, Indiana location. Stability FirstĀ is a non-profit organization…

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5 Design Strategies For Food Packaging

Food Packaging Design PacMoore

Modern food products are as much about packaging as they are about substance. Consumers can glean such details as quality and trendiness just by looking…

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A Fresh Approach: Milk Protein Used To Make Biodegradable Food Wrap

food packaging innovative solutions milk protein

Packaging is an industry that is constantly changing. Researchers are always looking into environmentally friendly solutions for everyday packaging needs. PacMoore believes in innovating the…

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Profit with a Purpose: Life Transformation

Bill Moore PacMoore President and Owner Life Transformation

At PacMoore, our primary purpose is to be used as an instrument of life transformation in every area of influence, first and foremost in the…

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