A Fresh Approach: Milk Protein Used To Make Biodegradable Food Wrap

food plastic wrap packaging innovationPackaging is an industry that is constantly changing. Researchers are always looking into environmentally friendly solutions for everyday packaging needs. PacMoore believes in innovating the future, and one innovation that we’re watching closely is the development of biodegradable food wrap. This fascinating new field has the potential to revolutionize the packaging industry for the benefit of both the environment and businesses.

One such biodegradable food wrap uses milk protein. How is it made, and what are the potential implications for the packaging industry? Read on to learn more.

Got Milk Protein?

Believe it or not, milk does more than strengthen bones. The chemical makeup of milk also lends itself to creating stronger products. Specifically, one of the base proteins of milk — called casein — can be combined with citrus pectin to create a sturdy wrap. The addition of salts can make the wrap more resistant to moisture.

The end result is a completely organic and biodegradable wrap that has some of the stretchy properties of plastic. The key difference, though, is that the combination of milk protein with the other natural ingredients creates a completely biodegradable wrapper. Whereas a standard plastic wrapper might find its way to a landfill or even the ocean — where it could remain indefinitely — a biodegradable milk wrap naturally deteriorates. The wrapper could even be safely eaten and digested, if the consumer were so inclined.

Already, biodegradable packaging is being used for such food items as single-serve snacks and cheese slices. It’s also being used in the food service industry as a way to move, store and serve food without excessive waste.

For packaging companies and their customers, it’s a win-win. The more we can utilize safe and environmentally friendly materials, the better positioned we will be as consumer thinking evolves.

The Importance of Innovation in Packaging

milk protein food packaging plastic wrap innovative solutionsWhy is it important for a packaging company to keep its finger on the pulse of innovation opportunities? For starters, packaging is everywhere. Virtually every consumer product is, at some point, packaged. That means even seemingly minuscule details can make a huge difference.

Environmentally speaking, that presents the packaging industry with an opportunity to significantly improve the world as a whole. Packaging companies can put a dent in waste and pollution simply by embracing science and innovation.

Why PacMoore is a Leader in Innovative Solutions

PacMoore is widely respected for its ability to support new packaging solutions and technologies. Our position as a leading packaging and production company means we can fully embrace new technologies. Our skilled staff and resources give us the means to support innovative thinking.

Further, the PacMoore team is one of the best in the industry because we’re curious. We constantly seek ways to improve our services. We’re excited to watch the biodegradable wrapping field evolve, and you can be sure that PacMoore will continue to incorporate smart, innovative solutions that benefit you and the environment.

To learn more about what PacMoore does and how we can help you meet your business goals, contact us today.

Chris Bekermeier

Vice President, Marketing and Legal Affairs

Chris’ experience with Scott Paper and ConAgra has allowed him to sell and manage leading brands such as Scottissue®, Viva® Towels, Healthy Choice® and Butterball®. He received his B.S. in business management from Eastern Illinois University and his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. Chris currently leads marketing efforts to grow PacMoore’s food contract manufacturing business in the areas of dry blending, spray drying, extrusion, re-packaging, and consumer packaging.