5 Design Strategies For Food Packaging

Modern food products are as much about packaging as they are about substance. Consumers can glean such details as quality and trendiness just by looking at a design. For food manufacturers, that means both challenges and opportunities. Here are five food packaging strategies that could give your company an edge.

  1. Keep it simple

Food Packaging Design PacMoore Products Contract PackagingThe “less is more” strategy can be very effective, depending on your target audience. In a world of busy food and beverage packaging, the minimalist approach could actually catch the consumer’s eye. It also frees you to focus on key branding and messaging right away. This strategy could mean fewer colors, less (or simpler) imagery or fewer design frills.

  1. Give your design some flare

Simple packaging might not be for every consumer group. One trend is to make packaging more artistic. You’ve seen this strategy employed for years in the wine industry, for example — stunning imagery is used to lure consumers to a specific brand that might otherwise go unnoticed. Consider an eye-catching design that doesn’t step on your messaging.

  1. Use an opposing color scheme

Over time, specific products trend to similar color schemes. Think pink sweetener boxes or red and yellow salsa jars. You could go with the flow and blend into the competition, or you could go against the grain. It’s a risky strategy, to be sure. After all, consumers could be conditioned to recognize color-coded products. But if you can successfully break out of the crowd with something as simple as a new color strategy, it could pay off.

  1. Go green

Sustainable food packaging materials are excellent for marketing purposes. As consumers are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, “green” packaging is a huge selling point for many food manufacturers. But it’s not enough to simply change your design to be more environmentally friendly; you have to let the consumer know. Make green or sustainable packaging a part of your brand messaging.

  1. Be more functional

Contract Packaging for Food PacMooreSure, your packaging could do the bare minimum of holding the product, but wouldn’t it be nice if the packaging went a step further? It could be as simple as packaging with a built-in pouring mechanism, or maybe the packaging can convert into a food tray. There also are the time-tested features such as self-sealing. This is where your product and packaging team can get innovative. Think outside the box — literally — and your customers will take notice.

How does PacMoore fit into the picture?

PacMoore knows what works and what won’t — because we’ve been there. We’ve helped customers implement countless food packaging strategies. The experts at PacMoore are happy to lend a hand when it comes to innovative and creative design strategies for food products. From design to implementation, we help our customers realize their full potential.

Contact PacMoore today to learn more about the various strategies our customers have used and to find out how we can help get your product the attention it deserves.