Profit with a Purpose: Life Transformation

At PacMoore, our primary purpose is to be used as an instrument of life transformation in every area of influence, first and foremost in the lives of the employees who work here. Certainly, we need to make a profit through our contract manufacturing services such as dry blending, extrusion, spray drying, and others. Profit is the fuel that makes the car run well and we achieve this when we execute with excellence and solve the needs of our customers. But for us, winning the race and achieving our vision and mission occurs when we see the life impact, change, and transformation that we care so much about. This includes not just our employees but their families, our plant communities, our customers and suppliers, and even opportunities overseas. To hear some of the firsthand life transformation stories, we invite you to watch the videos below. These are real PacMoore employees who chose to share their stories with you.

Life Transformation Videos

Julie Doyle – Faith at Work

Jamie – Life Transformation

Kaliegh – My Journey Continues

Josh’s Story of Life Transformation

Tony – Deeper Relationships

Touching Lives at PacMoore

Many of our employees have stories like these which inspire us to continue this journey together. Moving forward, PacMoore’s vision is to be passionately focused on growing people so we can be exceptionally good at feeding the world. We believe that with a team like ours and God’s guiding hand, anything is possible.

Profit with a Purpose

Bill Moore, PacMoore’s president and owner, very much drives the company’s vision day by day. Hear more about our vision from Bill Moore in his own words by watching the first video below. In the 2nd video we hear from Scott Pothoven, Global Manager of Employee Development. Scott shares how PacMoore came together in a unified way to cast the vision of employee growth.

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