Turnkey Processing


“Turnkey processing” is just another name for using us as your purchasing agent in addition to being your ingredient processor. Taking advantage of our experience in this area will simplify things for you, and because we market no products of our own, we are 100 percent focused on delivering that benefit and seeing you succeed.

We work with the approach you want to use. Some customers direct us to their preferred supplier and/or work off of their supply contracts while others want us to use our network of suppliers to search for additional options. PacMoore is flexible to what works best for you – we stand ready to deliver it. As a premium food contract manufacturer providing custom processing services to the global food industry, we understand that our ability to deliver complete solutions is how we will continue to grow.

How You Benefit

 Some customers look to us for processing their ingredients, and nothing more. Other companies have the purchasing function completely covered. But sometimes our customers find it much more efficient, cost-effective or manageable for their ERP systems to have us procure each ingredient and packaging component in order to deliver to them finished goods at a finished price.

Our procurement department and network of ingredient and packaging suppliers stand ready to serve you in this way. Alternatively, we can execute a hybrid of toll processing and turnkey processing — procuring some, but not all, of the raw materials and supplies. That works for us as well.

Whether you are looking for our tolling services alone — blending, spray drying, extruding, consumer packaging, sifting or repackaging — or you desire any level of turnkey execution, we can deliver.

When Turnkey Processing Makes Sense

Turnkey manufacturing is not for everyone. Sometimes we are called upon solely to repackage products, or to process ingredients our customers already own. There are cases when turnkey processing makes a tremendous amount of sense, however:

  • Your systems do not work well with accounting for Work in Process (WIP) materials
  • Your cash can be better used in other activities such as brand building or product development
  • Shifting the responsibility and expense of procurement and inventory management would be a cost benefit for you
  • Short turn arounds for production are needed at times so our ability to order raw ingredients shortens the process

Why PacMoore?

At PacMoore, we hold suppliers to the highest standards for quality ingredients. We have the right equipment and a skilled staff to handle any job, and we are keenly aware of ever-changing industry standards and regulations. We protect your proprietary information, too. As yet another benefit, having two Midwest locations makes for convenient shipping logistics.

Turning to us for custom processing turnkey services is good business. When you are ready to buy into PacMoore’s ability to buy your ingredients for you, contact us., Let us know the approach that you are most comfortable with and we’ll find a solution just for you.