Toll Processing

TOLLPROCESSINGCustomer needs are different. PacMoore understands that. Sometimes a customer prefers that we take care of everything – procuring every ingredient and packaging component, executing the processing work, and delivering a completely turnkey solution. Other times, tolling is all they ask by having us simply provide the capabilities we are known so well for – blending, spray drying, extrusion, consumer packaging, sifting or re-packing.

Toll processing (or toll manufacturing) consists of receiving a customer’s raw materials and packagingstoring them safely and securely, using them to process a finished product to the customer’s exact spec, storing the finished products (safely and securely), and shipping them out per the customer’s required timing. At times a customer requests that we execute a hybrid process of tolling and turnkey – procuring some, but not all, of the raw materials and packaging. That works for us as well. We are simply here to serve!


Among the many steps in the food production process are those that will chew up profits if your facility or labor resources are limited. When toll processing is the answer, PacMoore is not only ready to help, but can save your company money on plant expansion, equipment, maintenance, parts, labor, permits and more.

Those are not the only benefits of the toll manufacturing process, however. Consider:

  • PacMoore’s Toll Processing Expertise. There are many phases of dry ingredient food production. Our processing professionals handle them all, so efficiency is built in.
  • Timing flexibility. We have equipment and staff in place to help you get a new or adjusted product to market fast.
  • Duration flexibility. Whether you need expanded capacity on a temporary or permanent basis, we’re here.
  • Quality control. We provide assurance of finished product quality, protecting your brand in the marketplace.


At PacMoore, we do not manufacture products of our own. We make your products, and that’s why customer service is our top priority. When you call upon us to provide toll spray drying or any other of our capabilities, you can rest assured you will have our full attention.  Many of our customers are interested in signing a longer term toll manufacturing contract to establish a more permanent working relationship – we will always be open and interested in discussing this with you. 

Contract food manufacturing is our specialty. We have a wide variety of equipment and the adaptability to adjust to market requirements.

To learn more about the solutions PacMoore can offer you as your toll manufacturing company, contact us today.