White Paper Supports PacMoore’s Training Rigor

We were pleased to come across a recent white paper on employee training and how it can bolster “overall equipment effectiveness” for contract packagers and manufacturers. It made us smile because we started thinking we were the only ones who thought training was crucial to operations.

As we mentioned in a previous post about our training platforms and commitment, training has allowed us to give our customers increased flexibility and improved service, lower turnaround times for campaign launches, and fewer deviations.

We don’t have to train our employees this much, but we simply can’t ignore the benefits. And now, neither has Packaging World.

Here is one quote from the white paper that provides an apt summary of the importance of training these days:

Without machine-specific training, the ability of operators and maintenance personnel to work efficiently and effectively is severely compromised. In addition to understanding the equipment, training gives employees insight into how to work with process variables, including the film and carton materials being used as well as how the facility’s humidity and temperature impact the equipment’s performance.

A well-trained employee is simply more dynamic than an untrained employee because he or she can respond to myriad situations.

An untrained bag line operator, for example, may lose 12-14 bags worth of film while splicing an old roll to a new roll. A thoroughly trained bag line operator will usually only lose one or two bags during production. The first situation results in increased costs and lower productivity. Is this a big deal? Yes, because often times the film used for specific packaging is costlier than the product being packaged!

We don’t want to blow our own trumpets too much, but we’ve known the value of training for years and have implemented proprietary training systems at our two audit-ready plants that have set us apart in our industry. This is a true differentiator from our competition that is noted not only by our customers but objective industry auditors including those from the BRC and GMA-SAFE.

Past classroom orientation, our employees are consistently trained in our “target talk” programs that focus on the critical processes of our operations. This, coupled with on the job training completed at our workstations results in a highly trained workforce processing your products.  PacMoore empowers every employee to intervene when quality or safety is in question. Continuous improvement meetings our held to discuss “internal deviations” or anything that is executed below customer expectations. PacMoore trains its employees in ESL (English as a Second Language) and helps with training to achieve GEDs. Additionally, there are courses designed to improve leadership skills and even help with financial or marriage difficulties. All of this combines to result in a loyal, tenured, and highly trained workforce. You can rest easy knowing this is the committed group delivering on your needs.

Training helps us save money, deliver high-quality co-packing solutions, and offer our customers exemplary solutions for every campaign. We are just happy to report that others are seeing the value too!