What Is Spray Drying?

For more than a century, spray drying has been a staple of food processing. The term has worked its way into the lingo of the industry to the point where it is almost taken for granted. Yet, how does spray drying work, and what are the actual benefits? Keep reading to see why PacMoore views spray drying as one of the most valuable tools in the business.

What Is the Spray Drying Process?

As common as spray drying is, the process is actually quite ingenious — especially considering that food manufacturers have been using it for 150 years, primarily for liquid and slurry food products. Unlike traditional dehydration procedures, spray drying employs a method known as atomization. Here is a quick rundown of spray drying:

  1. The liquid or slurry is fed into a spray dryer.
  2. The equipment then uses atomization to create small droplets of the primary liquid.
  3. Those droplets are subjected to heated air, and the subsequent dried particles can be collected — something known as spray drying recovery.

Diagram courtesy of ScienceDirect.com

The result is uniform, manageable dry particles that are safe for food preparation and long-term storage.

What Are the Benefits of Spray Drying?

As noted above, the most obvious benefit of spray drying is that the food product becomes far less perishable than in its liquid form. In many cases, the commodity can be returned to its liquid state, or the particles can be used as dry ingredients in baking or processing.

Additionally, atomization is better and more effective for heat-sensitive foods when compared to other methods of dehydration.

A Few Industrial Examples

Whether you are deep in the food industry or just a consumer at the grocery store, you have undoubtedly come across food products that would not be possible without spray drying. Here are some everyday spray-dried items you can find on the shelves:

  • Powdered juice mix
  • Flavor enhancers and sweeteners
  • Instant coffee
  • Powdered milk
  • Powdered eggs

When you consider all of the liquid and slurry products available in powdered form, the list grows exponentially.

Pacmoore Is Your Best Resource for Spray Drying Services

Just because a process is common does not mean there is only one way to do it. At PacMoore, we take pride in our spray drying methods that produce top-quality food products for our customers. We balance innovation with tried-and-true techniques to bring you services that can’t be beat.

Contact PacMoore today for a full walkthrough of our spray drying options and to learn more about the benefits of working with the best food manufacturing team in the industry.