Understanding PacMoore’s Contract Food Manufacturing and Handling Certifications

At PacMoore, we set high standards for our contract food manufacturing operations, going above and beyond normal food standards to make sure your unique food product requirements are met. Our highly-trained staff and advanced facilities are fully certified to handle kosher, grade A dairy, organic, gluten-free and halal products. But what exactly do these certifications mean?

  • Kosher: Food items that have been certified kosher cannot include ingredients from certain animals, fowl or fish, including pork and shellfish. Kosher meats must be slaughtered in a prescribed manner. Kosher certification requires the approval of all units and subunits throughout the manufacturing process, including coatings and equipment, to ensure that non-kosher methods or ingredients are not used at all.
  • Organic:  Certified organic foods include those produced from crops not treated with chemicals. Organic animal products, such as meats, eggs and dairy, cannot be treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. Types of organic include 100% Organic; Organic, which must contain 95% organic ingredients; and Made with Organic, which must contain at least 70% organic ingredients.
  • Gluten-free: Gluten is a protein composite found in all grains. For people with celiac disease (~1% of the population), the briefest exposure to gluten can trigger an immune reaction, but nearly 20 million people contend that they regularly experience distress after eating products that contain gluten, and a third of American adults say that they are trying to eliminate it from their diets. Food products that have been certified gluten-free let consumers know that the product has been tested, and the manufacturing and packaging site inspected for processes or ingredients that may contain gluten.
  • Halal: All foods are considered halal (in Arabic, “lawful” or “permitted”) except for those that include or are contaminated with swine/pork products and byproducts, animals that have been improperly slaughtered, alcoholic drinks, and carnivorous animals. Halal certification includes audits and inspections of the manufacturing facility, as well as the process, materials and sanitation.

Why PacMoore for Food Product Development

Our food product development services are comprehensive. We put a strong emphasis on detail and consistently meet high standards for our customers. Whatever certification criteria you are looking to meet, the team at PacMoore has the knowledge and experience to ensure you do it right. As consumer preferences get more specific, it’s important to work with a food product development company that knows the processes involved.

We’re more than food product development. We also handle processing, packaging, storage and shipping. From start to finish, our customers know that they can trust the PacMoore team for optimal service.

No matter what your food product requirements, PacMoore ensures quality and safety. To learn more about PacMoore contract food manufacturing solutions, visit www.PacMoore.com.