Turnkey Processing Is a Part of PacMoore’s Overall Solutions Offering

In addition to basic toll processing, PacMoore provides turnkey manufacturing solutions for customers with a need for advanced, innovative and quality services throughout every stage of the manufacturing process – from sourcing ingredients to packaging products for the retail shelf. In addition to product development, spray drying, and dry blending, we offer custom food packaging services that ensure your unique products are packaged according to specific requirements.

  • Product development. Our pilot equipment combined with extensive innovation, knowledge and experience, allows the PacMoore team to help customers finalize development projects through detailed trials and testing.
  • Spray drying. Operating not only our new full scale spray dryer but our Niro pilot dryer,  we use a combination of advanced technologies to produce dustless, free-flowing products and agglomerated or granulated products.
  • Dry blending. Our dry blending capabilities produce smooth, consistent and efficient results, with plow mixing technology and double ribbon blenders designed for speed, precision, quality and safety.
  • Custom food packaging. We’ll prep your product for industrial usage or the retail shelf with custom packaging designs, materials, labels and other options that ensure your specific goals and requirements are met.

For more information on PacMoore’s turnkey processing solutions or custom food packaging services, visit www.PacMoore.com today!