The Rise Of Non-Sugar Sweeteners

Non-Sugar Sweeteners Alternatives to SugarFor centuries, sugar has been the King of Candyland. From sweets to beverages to everyday consumer products, sugar has had mass appeal. But as consumers are more conscious of the health effects of what they eat, food manufacturers have turned to other ingredients to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Non-sugar sweeteners are in the middle of an industrial boom. Here’s what’s going on and what it could mean for you.

What Are Sugar’s Main Competitors?

A handful of non-sugar sweeteners have made the rounds since the 1980s — such as the saccharin in the pink packet. Aspartame has long been a central sweetening agent in diet sodas. In recent years, the list has grown much longer. Across the food industry, the “natural” label has caught on like wildfire. As such, you’re seeing more plant-based sweeteners such as stevia and agave nectar. All of these sweeteners — both man-made and natural — boast higher degrees of sweetness than sugar. That fact alone has forced the sugar industry to go toe-to-toe with new competition. But it’s not the only reason.

Why Are Consumers Turning Away from Sugar?

As noted above, non-sugar sweeteners can be manufactured to be far sweeter than sugar itself. But the real allure of sweeteners is that they are low- or no-calorie. In other words, consumers enjoy the flavor of diet sodas, cookies — you name it — without the guilt of indulging. What’s more, medical professionals are taking a hard look at non-sugar sweeteners for preventing such illnesses as diabetes and heart disease.

There always will be the sugar purists, but the health advantages of non-sugar sweeteners make for some attractive talking points.

What Does This Mean for the Sugar Industry?

stevia non-sugar sweeteners food industryThe rise of sweeteners isn’t going unnoticed. It’s hard to overlook the fact that global consumption of sweeteners is projected to rise by as much as 30 percent in the next few years. While some companies that deal in sweet treats might change their marketing tactics to preserve sugar’s foothold, others are leaning into the change. We’re seeing more and more companies incorporating sweeteners into their traditional recipes.

Take the soft drink industry, for example. Major brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi are focusing more energy than ever on propping up their diet sodas as a safe and healthier alternative to their sugary predecessors. Fortunately for food manufacturers, this type of change isn’t insurmountable, and it comes with some major marketing perks baked in.

Where Does PacMoore Come In?

In terms of adaptable food manufacturing and packaging strategies, PacMoore never shies away from a food trend or a challenge. We embrace them and make them work for our customers. Whether it’s low-calorie, non-sugar sweeteners or other specialty food items that are making a splash, PacMoore can help you take advantage of ever-increasing industry changes, developments, and trends.

To learn more about how non-sugar sweeteners are changing the food manufacturing industry, and to find out how PacMoore can partner with you to embrace that change, contact us today.

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