A Protein Primer: Here’s What You Need To Know

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When researching weight loss or general good health, you’ll probably come across a ton of recommendations for a high-protein diet. The health benefits of protein have come into the spotlight in recent years as consumers are more aware of what they are eating. The result for the food industry has been an increased demand for protein
manufacturing services.

To fully understand and communicate the benefits of protein, it helps to have a basic understanding of what proteins actually are. Here’s a primer.

What Are Proteins?

Proteins are naturally occurring substances found in all living creatures. There are 20 amino acids that combine in multiple quantities and sequences to form hundreds of thousands of proteins that were used to create and sustain human beings.

While naturally occurring, the human body was not designed to make all of the necessary amino acids. In fact, 9 of the 20 types of amino acids must come from ingesting food. That’s why every diet requires an element of protein — whether meat or dairy or plant-based. And that is why the nine amino acids they supply are labeled as “essential.”


Learn which foods contain all 9 essential amino acids


While it sounds easy enough, consumers (notably those on specialized diets) can overlook protein and not get enough. What’s more, smart incorporation of proteins into an already healthy diet can yield some impressive health benefits.

Proteins and General Health

As proteins are the basic building block of life, a person can’t live without them. But the importance of protein goes beyond survival. A controlled protein diet can help to manage or even prevent certain chronic diseases. What’s more, proteins can help to promote a generally healthier lifestyle. When balanced with other necessary nutrients, proteins can help to address obesity issues. Or for consumers looking to build muscle mass, protein-dense food products can aid them in achieving this goal.

protein primer what are the health benefits
A Growing Demand

Some have speculated that the growth in demand for protein products will slow, since most of the industrialized world is not overly deficient. But the benefits of protein-rich diets continue to become more apparent. Additionally, an increasingly segmented market supports the idea that protein products won’t vanish from shelves anytime soon.

Forward-thinking specialty food manufacturers and distributors know that diversification is a winning strategy. Different diets will require different formulations of protein. As such, it pays to partner with a food contract manufacturer that understands proteins at every level and knows how to respond to a constantly changing market.

PacMoore’s Services in Protein Products

Proteins are complex, and so is their incorporation into consumer food products. If you’re in the business of supplying any range of protein products or needing them as ingredients for further processing of your products, you need a reliable partner. PacMoore can more than fill that role.

PacMoore is home to one of the most skilled teams in the food manufacturing industry. In addition to an array of more traditional food manufacturing services, we are able to process a whole host of specialty food offerings. We partner closely with your team to ensure we understand what it is you’re seeking and how PacMoore can best meet that need.

To learn more about the science behind protein in food manufacturing, or to find out what PacMoore can do for you, contact our team today.

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