Disruptive Flexible Packaging and Its Impact on Your Branding

food industry blog disruptive brand packaging pacmooreYour brand can’t scream from the shelves (yet), so you need another tactic to draw in potential consumers who don’t have the time or patience to read about how great your product is. What’s more, you’re competing with shelves and shelves of similar products — so what do you do?

Brand packaging can be your secret weapon. What’s referred to as “disruptive” packaging could give your brand an edge. Of course, there are challenges and drawbacks to consider. Here are a few.

The Benefits of Brand Packaging

Industry rewards innovation — as long as it’s done right. Disruptive packaging refers to designs that grab attention and enhance the customer experience. For example, single-serve kids’ portions available in easy-open pouches or soup cups that can be used for preparing, eating and storing. These features appeal to customers because they can simplify routines. (They’re kind of cool, too.)

In other words, the biggest upside to disruptive flexible packaging is that you can effectively stand out in a crowd and create a memorable experience. When building brand loyalty, that’s huge. As long as your idea is well thought out, and as long as you’ve got the capacity to do it correctly, it can be a game-changer.

Reasons Companies Hesitate

Food contract manufacturing pacmoore blog on disruptive flexible brand packaging

Not all companies are on board with disruptive flexible packaging, and that can be understandable. It’s tempting to go the traditional route to save on expenses. Further, coming up with an innovative and attractive design can be daunting. Depending on the company’s size and the resources available, that can be reason enough to pass. Lastly, there is always the downside potential in the risk/reward scenario – the swing and miss.

However, with creativity, proper planning, and adequate resources, it’s a smart investment. For all of the potential pitfalls of disruptive packaging, you have far more to gain by doing it successfully. Again, much of your investment’s success will depend on who you partner with to pull it off.

PacMoore Can Do It

PacMoore can make the decision for brand packaging far easier, once you know what we’re able to do. We’ve worked in several categories, meaning we have a pretty good idea of what will and won’t work. That level of expertise is an asset to you as you plan your next move.

We’re happy to share with you our processes and successes. To learn more about our capabilities, contact PacMoore today.

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