PacMoore’s VFFS Equipment Provides Full Range of Contract Packaging Solutions

Established as a leading provider of contract packaging solutions, we at PacMoore are able to pack products into containers as diverse as multi-wall bags, poly bags, drums, corrugated totes, bag-in-box, super sacks, bulk truck and bulk rail.  We also offer consumer packaging capability through usage of equipment such as our vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machine.

Through our extensive offerings, PacMoore has the capability to package nearly any dry ingredient food product. Dry food packaging is our specialty. Bring us any food packaging need, and we’ll do our best to create a solution. We have the equipment, like VFFS machines. We have the containers, from pouches to cartons to totes. And besides that, we have the unflinching commitment to our customers – always guaranteeing the best service.

About the VFFS Machine

PacMoore’s Hayssen vertical form, fill and seal machine is designed to run a full range of package widths, heights and weights. With the equipment’s accurate seals, ability to code dates and film flexibility, we can accurately pack various food products, including free-flowing snacks, nuts, grains and more.

Flexible Contract Packaging Services

Beyond vertical form, fill and seal packaging, we also own and operate a horizontal form, fill, and seal machine that features the ability to add a ziplock, tear notch, hole punch, or gusset to the packaging it produces. Additionally, a Langen cartoner can be utilized for placing VFFS or HFFS packaging into pre-printed cartons that as a finished product are ready for retail shelf placement.

Our staff works with our high-quality equipment to give clients the best possible packaging solutions. Whether it’s the VFFS machines or one of our other tools, we use these them to up the standards of packaging, ensuring our customers always get what they need.

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