PacMoore’s Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Machines Are Designed for Flexible, Quality Packaging

When you outsource your packaging needs to the professionals at PacMoore, you know you’ll be getting quality products on a timely basis. We offer a wide range of packaging services and options, operating a Bartelt horizontal form, fill and seal machine at our facility in Hammond, Indiana, to ensure a smooth workflow for a variety of different package widths and heights.

The horizontal form, fill and seal machine is fully equipped with an auger, volumetric cup fillers and a multiweight combi scale. Any combination of these fill stations allow for multiple drops, significantly increasing production no matter what the product requirements and specifications. The system is designed to accurately fill many different free-flowing powders, as well as food products such as nuts, grains or snacks.

In addition to the horizontal form, fill and seal machine, PacMoore also operates a Hayssen vertical form, fill and seal machine.  Our overall packaging capability includes pre-printed cartons, stand-up pouches, poly bags, multiwall bags, master shippers and more.

PacMoore is committed to using the most advanced packaging technology, backed by a team of highly-trained experts, to provide quality and excellence every day. For more information, visit