PacMoore’s Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Machine Featured in Packaging Digest

Packaging Digest October 2011 issue highlights the versatility and performance of the horizontal form, fill and seal machine at PacMoore facilities

HAMMOND, IND. – PacMoore, a leading dry ingredient contract manufacturer with multi-capability facilities in Hammond and Mooresville, Indiana, was recently featured in the October 2011 issue of Packaging Digest for its versatile horizontal form, fill and seal machine.  The HFFS machine is used for a wide variety of applications, having the ability to meet unique product requirements with quick turnaround.

“The sophisticated packaging capabilities of our horizontal form, fill and seal machine allows us to package products efficiently, accurately and consistently,” said PacMoore CEO Bill Moore. “Multiple fillers, advanced weighing systems and digital signal processing technology are just a few of the features that ensure our ability to delight our customers with on spec, on time delivery of a wide variety of product types.”

The three fillers on PacMoore’s HFFS machine include a CombiScale 10-head rotary scale, a cup filler and a servo-driven auger filler, allowing the system to run multiple drops using any combination of these fill stations. The machine can also run various package widths and heights, and fills a wide variety of free-flowing powders, granules, grains or food pieces. Additional features include tear notching, hole punching, zippers, weight checks, metal detection, seal testing and more.

Packaging Digest visited PacMoore’s Hammond facility to get a first-hand look at the HFFS operations. The article details the full cycle of the HFFS system.

In addition to packaging, PacMoore’s external contract manufacturing solutions include dry blending, spray drying, sifting, repacking, and bulk loading or unloading. PacMoore also operates a vertical form, fill and seal machine and retail cartoner as part of its retail packaging capabilities.

“At PacMoore, we pride ourselves on providing excellence through high-performance equipment operated by a highly trained team of problem solvers,” said Moore.

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