PacMoore’s Dry Ingredient Blending Solutions Useful in Various Industries

As a leading provider of contract manufacturing solutions—from sifting and spray drying to blending and re-packing—PacMoore offers dry ingredient blending solutions that can be utilized in diverse industries like food, pharmaceutical and other markets.

For the food industry, dry ingredient blending—which often relies on a homogeneity validation process that uses salt because of its high particle size—can be used for a vast array of products including drink mixes, dairy products, spices or bakery. For pharmaceuticals, it can assist with infant formula, nutritional supplements and products requiring secure protection against contamination. Because PacMoore is certified by the BRC for GFSI as well as certified to process Grade A dairy powders, kosher, organic, gluten-free and halal products, clients have the comfort of working with a manufacturer they can trust.

In addition to its dry ingredient blending and other manufacturing solutions, PacMoore is a leading provider of contract packaging and other turnkey solutions to the global food industry. Headquartered in Hammond, Indiana, the company processes and packs over 180 million pounds of dry food ingredients every year.

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