Why PacMoore Uses Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Equipment

At PacMoore, we’re proud to be the kind of resource our customers can come to with their trickiest packaging needs, and we’re able to design custom solutions to suit them.

Providing the best packaging solutions is the motivating vision behind many of the machines and tools we’ve chosen to use, including our vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) equipment – machines known the world over for their speed, efficiency and diverse applications.

Designed to let us run many kinds of package sizes and weights, vertical form, fill and seal machines give us a vital tool for packing everything from the various kinds of dry powders we blend to grains or nuts or snacks. These machines also provide many advantages for our clients, such as:

  • Attractive and accurate seals for customer satisfaction
  • Ability to code date on film
  • Metal detection capabilities
  • Notch tearing capabilities
  • Film flexibility from registered to nonregistered, printed to clear

At PacMoore, a company committed to setting a high standard for food packaging, VFFS machines are just one more way we serve you.

To learn more about PacMoore’s creative packaging solutions, including those made possible by vertical form, fill and seal machines, visit www.PacMoore.com