PacMoore to Open Gluten-Free Bakery

CHICAGO – (August 4, 2008) – Whole Bakers, a gluten-free specialty baked goods company, is partnering with PacMoore to deliver the finest gluten-free baked goods. PacMoore is a privately held food packaging company founded over 18 years ago in Hammond, Indiana, just south of Chicago. To ensure that all Whole Bakers products are created in a gluten-free environment, PacMoore is currently building a new gluten-free bakery. All Whole Bakers products are not only gluten-free but also kosher-certified. 

“I feel completely blessed and grateful about Whole Bakers’ partnership with PacMoore,” said Whole Bakers Owner Patty Stewart. “I’m certain that Whole Bakers and PacMoore will ensure the highest quality gluten-free baked good products around.” 

PacMoore President Bill Moore agreed when he added, “We have been amazed at the demand growth for gluten-free products but are also aware that it has been an ongoing struggle to produce gluten-free items that deliver great taste. Whole Bakers has done just that and we are excited to partner with them to help grow this extraordinary product line.” 

PacMoore will be partnering with Whole Bakers to manufacture Whole Bakers’ entire baked goods lineup in the new gluten-free bakery. Whole Bakers’ products, which consists of 13 different cookie flavors and certified organic coffee, will be available not only online but soon at many retail locations throughout the United States. Some examples of the mouth-watering cookie flavors include Chewy Choco Bite, CoCoNuts Macaroon, Rockin Choco Chip, Pecan Shortie, and SnickerDo. 

PacMoore is committed to quality and food safety. Standards set by HACCP, the American Institute of Baking (AIB), and the Grocery Manufacturer Association (GMA) are considered minimum requirements and the goal of the in-house “PacMoore Certified” program is to consistently exceed them. Another commitment of PacMoore Certified is in the area of employee training where programs are professionally designed to exceed GMA-SAFE standards. PacMoore is certified Kosher and Organic as well. Some of PacMoore’s other customers include Kraft, Nabisco, General Mills and Cargill.