PacMoore Puts 100% of Resources into Client Products

As leading contract manufacturers in the field of toll food processing, we offer the expertise and experience of a company that puts all of its resources, energy and time into making products for clients. Because contract manufacturing is PacMoore’s specialty, we are able to provide solutions to address various client needs.

Simply put, we’re the experts.

We don’t make our own products; we make our customers’. That’s what we do. That’s why, for all stages of dry ingredient co-manufacturing, we’re able to step in and provide seamless toll processing solutions—exactly as our clients want them. We make our clients our number one priority.

Through a specialist like PacMoore, companies gain the advantage of toll food manufacturing, also known as toll food processing, done by manufacturing experts who are skilled professionals. The PacMoore team operates a large variety of high-quality equipment, and our focus is providing manufacturing and packaging services for clients.

The food manufacturing services that we offer as part of our toll food processing business include blending, re-packing, sifting, consumer packaging, spray drying, extruding and turnkey processing.

Whether a client needs temporary or permanent extended capacity, a re-packaging partner or expertise for any of the processes listed above, we’re their toll processing resource. We can meet a client’s expectations exactly. We’ll make their products just the way they need them. We can do that because we are always 100% dedicated to them.

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