PacMoore places focus on Sales/Support team; launches new customer-oriented initiative.

Hammond, IN (April 2008) — PacMoore, one of the leading co-manufacturers in the Midwest, announced the launch of Moore Than A Customer™ — a new initiative, aimed at maximizing the Sales/Support team performance and ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction. On a day-to-day basis, the program will be implemented by PacMoore’s diversified and seasoned team of professional Customer Account Managers. 

They come from many disciplines and backgrounds, such as Marketing, Economics, Purchasing, Chemical Manufacturing, and Packaging. Their talents complement one another offering diverse perspectives and skill sets to solve every problem. This deep pool of talent allows the management to cross-train key roles and functions. 

The Moore Than A Customer™ program is flexible and will be easily tailored to the specific needs of each account. It was also designed with a built-in “sense of urgency” — so customers can get the information or assistance they need as quickly as possible, including last minute changes and scheduling emergencies. The CAM’s performance will be measured by their attention to detail, responsiveness and personal attention to satisfying the customer’s needs. 

“This program is not just a promise,” said Bill Moore, President and CEO of PacMoore. “It is a company-wide commitment, endorsed by all of our associates. Our people are passionate about what they do and it shows. It’s one of those key ingredients that strengthen the bond of trust between the company and our customers.” 

Moore Than A Customer™ becomes one more unique advantage that cements PacMoore’s reputation as a leading, trusted provider of co-manufacturing services.