Why PacMoore Is Your One-Source Solution for Blending Food Ingredients

There are many reasons why PacMoore is one of the country’s leading blending food ingredients companies. We provide external manufacturing services for industries that range from retail to pharmaceutical, but our specialty lies in providing quality dry food ingredient products that are customized to meet specific product requirements.

PacMoore offers turnkey processing solutions for your dry ingredient blending needs, starting with research and development to assist in creating your product to the spec you need and moving from there to sourcing, production and packaging.

  • Research and development: We have the resources, expertise and advanced equipment needed to help our customers create innovative products, finalize development projects and continually improve their dry products.
  • Sourcing: PacMoore has two facilities located in Indiana, close enough to the agribusiness hub to make us a cost-effective and hassle-free ingredient source for any food product needs.
  • Production: Our dry ingredient blending equipment includes Littleford/Lodige plow-mixer as well as ribbon blender technologies, for high-speed, flexible and quality blending services. The PacMoore staff is fully-trained, and experienced in operating and maintaining advanced dry blending systems for consistent results with quick turnarounds.
  • Packaging: PacMoore offers a wide range of packaging solutions. Our capabilities include bulk options to smaller industrial options (supersacks, bag-in-box, drums, multi wall bages, etc.) to retail options (vertical and horizontal form, fill, and seal).  This ensures the packaging process is flexible to meet the needs of as many customers as possible.

When it comes to dry blending food ingredients, count on PacMoore. Visit www.PacMoore.com for more information.