PacMoore: Experts at Blending

Some of the biggest names in food processing, consumer packaged goods – with national or international footprints – look to PacMoore on a consistent basis for our assistance in blending a variety of dry ingredients that make up their products.

Our partnering options, which run the gamut from tolling to turnkey, offer our clients something significant and highly demanded: specific solutions to specific needs. Today we are writing about the science of blending. We designate it as a science because when it comes to industrial and commercial blending, industrial equipment used by contract manufacturers must be designed and engineered for speed, precision, homogenous mixing quality, efficiency, plant safety, and the ultimate in food safety.

Now, we do a lot of things at PacMoore. We do food processing (which includes blending, sifting, re-packing, and spray drying) and we do packaging (which comes in a wide range of types and sizes from bulk to consumer as well as labeling options). Our clients depend on us for the very best in all of the services we offer.

Blending is no different! Blending and mixing systems are designed based on a thorough knowledge of the contract manufacturing industry and a complete understanding of the particular blending specifications for the specific customer in question. Our customers will not settle for anything less than the very best. Every time.

And we have a wide range of capabilities. Our plow blenders have unique mixing action that is effective, yet gentle enough to not disrupt the integrity of the dry ingredients being blended. Plow blending is especially effective in the introduction of liquids, fats, and oils to dry blends.

Our ribbon blenders consists of an inner and an outer ribbon providing counter-directional flow while keeping the product in constant motion throughout the chamber. This means versatile! (We can also handle blending of heat sensitive ingredients).

Our paddle blender can blend products of uniform size and density, and our “PK” blender can handle fragile as well as heat or shear sensitive ingredients.

The bottom line: blending is one of PacMoore’s core competencies. We have the capabilities and the engineering prowess to handle your unique projects and specifications! Contact Pacmoore today!