PacMoore Equipment at a Glance

At PacMoore, we are committed to providing cost-effective external manufacturing and packaging solutions with a quick turnaround, while meeting quality standards and exceeding customer expectations. In addition to offering first-class expertise through our team of highly-trained and experienced packaging professionals, we utilize advanced, high-quality equipment for efficient, operations and increased productivity.

We currently operate at two plants in Indiana. Our equipment includes:

  • Hayssen Vertical Form, Fill and Seal (VFFS): This machine has the ability to run a wide range of package widths, lengths and finished weights. Applications include powders, candy, snacks, dry fruits, nuts, and other free-flowing granules or grains.
  • Bartelt Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal (HFFS): PacMoore’s HFFS machine can run a diverse range of widths and heights, and is also equipped to run multiple drops using any combination of auger, volumetric cup fillers or multi-weight bucket combi scale fill stations.
  • Langen Cartoner: The Langen Cartoner can fill self contained bags from our VFFS or HFFS machines into a variety of sizes of tuck or glue closure cartons. Multiple items including promotional inserts can be inserted.
  • Ribbon Blenders: Ribbon mixers are the workhorse of the dry blending industry. Ingredients are mixed back and forth within the blender thoroughly and uniformly mixing them due to the absence of dead spots.
  • Plow Blenders: Plow mixing uses high intensity movement that shortens blend time while ensuring homogeneous blends. High-speed blending choppers control particle size for enhanced mixing, resulting in smoother blending and improved consistency. This blending technology is particularly effective for the introduction of fats, oils, and liquids into dry blends.
  • Fluidized Spray Dryer (FDS™) – 4.0: The FSD is one of the most successful spray dryer designs ever developed. Its advanced design and configuration is ideal for drying sticky or heat-sensitive products.  The attached fluid bed dryer provides the agglomeration capability.
  • Werner Pfleiderer Continua 120 Twin Screw Extruder: Designed to produce 2,500 pounds per hour at 30 percent solids, our extrusion equipment is modern, efficient and versatile.

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