PacMoore Ensures Secure Records of All Manufacturing Processes

Not only can our customers rely on PacMoore’s experience, expertise and advanced technology for quality manufacturing services, but they can also trust our data security methods to keep their records safe. From small-sized food manufacturing serving niche markets, to big-name food brands and corporations, we serve a wide range of clients – each with products that have their own special formulas, recipes and processes.

We document everything, including specific processing runs, processing run times, finished product quantities and more. Once it’s recorded, we keep that information safe. All of our paper-based records are stored onsite, with the ability to retrieve them and provide our customers with the information they need on a same-day basis, and a retention period of seven years. Our computer-based records are backed up daily and monthly, ensuring information is not lost in the case of an emergency or disaster. Sensitive information is password protected, and stored on password protected computers.

Keeping records accurate and safe is crucial to providing our customers with safe, consistent and quality products that meet unique requirements.

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