PacMoore Continually Surpasses Industry Standards for Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

PacMoore is a leading external manufacturer known for processing the highest quality products for the food industry, and we surpass industry standards with advanced pharmaceutical contract manufacturing. With special focus on excipients, we have the technology, resources and expertise to assist manufacturers with their market efforts to successfully supply active ingredients.

We use approved equipment and processes to ensure our customers’ pharmaceutical products meet their specific requirements. Our plants have been audited and are continually approved by many top companies for quality pharmaceutical contract manufacturing.

PacMoore’s pharmaceutical processing capabilities help our customers to mask poor flavors and provide desired medication release.  PacMoore is a trusted leader in processing many pharmaceutical products with high degrees of safety and protection requirements.

Other PacMoore services include spray drying, dry blending, sifting, consumer packaging, and research and development assistance. With two multi-capability facilities in Indiana, PacMoore operates 24 hours a day, five to six days a week for quality, on-time excellence year-round.

Quality, safety and excellence are top priorities. We strive to go above and beyond industry standards and expectations, which is why we remain a leader in external manufacturing solutions. Learn more about our contract manufacturing services at