PacMoore to Attend 2012 Super Bowl Breakfast

As football season comes to an end, PacMoore will help celebrate leaders in both the NFL and the business world by attending the NFL-sanctioned Super Bowl Breakfast as an Executive Sponsor. The event, held in Indianapolis on February 4, 2012, brings together local business leaders as well as past and present NFL stars with a message of leadership, integrity and faith.

One of the main features of the event will be the presentation of the Bart Starr Award, presented by Bart Starr himself. The award goes to a current NFL player who has been voted by his peers for outstanding character and leadership – not only displayed on the field, but also within the home and the community. In addition to Bart Starr, other NFL players, coaches and owners will be at the breakfast, sharing highlights, stories and testimonies that offer inspiration to all those attending.

The PacMoore team is excited for the opportunity to both sponsor and attend what is sure to be a fun, meaningful and successful event.

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