In the News: Marketplace Chaplains

NBC Nightly News recently aired a segment focusing on marketplace chaplains, and the positive effects they can have within the workplace. You can see the entire clip here. At PacMoore, we support the presence of chaplains in the workplace, and currently partner with Marketplace Chaplains USA to place chaplains at both of our Indiana plants.

The NBC segment highlights the responsibilities and benefits of marketplace chaplains – they are there to listen to employees’ personal problems and to be a friend to workers. While many corporate cultures may discourage getting into employees’ personal lives, chaplains do just the opposite. Conversations are confidential, and range from extremely serious to more open, lighthearted topics. Topics are always chosen by the employee, but it has been pleasing to find that faith and family have been consistently at the top of the list since these are PacMoore’s top two values as an organization. Having someone to talk to in the workplace is crucial to employee morale and the benefits have been visible.

At PacMoore, our people are our most valuable asset. Providing our employees with the support and guidance they need not only helps our staff grow professionally, personally and spiritually, but also helps improve the quality of our daily operations and production.

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