Men at Missio Dei Church Conference Hear PacMoore Contract Manufacturers President Bill Moore Speak About “The Man and His Identity”

Bill Moore speaks at Band of BrothersPacMoore President Bill Moore had the pleasure of speaking to 134 young men, from high-school age and up, at a one-day men’s conference sponsored by Missio Dei Church. The conference, “Band of Brothers: Men Entrusted with the Gospel,” was held to help men examine what it means to be a Christian man today, and how to live out their everyday lives entrusted with the Gospel.

The Apostle Paul says that life is a battlefield. That means we need a wartime mentality, leading and following others into certain dangers that are still unknown, yet remaining faithful to the Gospel and in God. That can sometimes be hard for men in today’s world, who are constantly presented with different paths to follow every day. During the conference, the men became immersed in 2 Timothy 2 of the Bible, taking a closer look at how to be a good soldier of Christ throughout their day-to-day lives.

Moore spoke to the men about “How We Handle God’s Word”, and is committed to helping others follow the word of God. As president of PacMoore, Moore continually encourages his staff to find God in everything they do. PacMoore employees have opportunities to not only develop their skills as expert contract manufacturers, but to strengthen their spiritual development, as well. Mentors work closely with employees to provide onsite training, education and spiritual guidance, helping create a positive family environment at PacMoore that drives excellence every day.

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