Meet the PacMoore People – Miguel

Behind each piece of equipment and every manufacturing capability at PacMoore, there is a person with the skills, motivation and drive to produce excellence, day in and day out. At PacMoore, we understand that our services are only as good as the people maintaining them. That’s why we put great value in training, educating and developing our employees to become an integral part of the PacMoore family.

Get to know who we are and why we’re committed to quality.

Miguel’s Story

Before joining the PacMoore team, Miguel lived in Mexico City and worked in a plastics factory making bottles for children’s medicines. He moved to the United States with his family and began his career at PacMoore through his uncle, who also worked at PacMoore and got him a reference and an application.

Miguel has worked at PacMoore for five years and three months. He started from the ground up, first as a production employee working on the floor. Through his quick learning abilities and his commitment to both individual and team improvement, Miguel climbed the ladder and was able to develop his career through education and training. Miguel worked closely with a mentor for more specific on-the-job training.

Through the opportunities at PacMoore, Miguel has developed a strong personal foundation both educationally and spiritually. He earned a GED diploma at PacMoore and has taken classes at Ivy Tech College. In addition, he improved his communication and writing skills through ESL classes provided onsite at PacMoore.

“My career at PacMoore has provided great opportunities to learn and push myself, and has helped improve my life and quality as a worker,” said Miguel. “It’s a family environment here. Employees know that they are important, and PacMoore believes that investing in its people is the best thing to do in this market.”

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