Making a Difference with Your Branded Merchandise

This week’s blog is written by Guest Author Corban Bryant! Corban is the Director of Purnaa, a company in Nepal which you’ll learn more about as you keep reading below!

Many companies order custom print merchandise for their employees or customers, putting their logo or message on products to get the word out about their brand. But while many recognize this as an effective marketing tool, they often miss an opportunity to engage their staff and further their Corporate Social Responsibility impact. We were delighted when PacMoore decided to order their company t-shirts from us, and happy that our products help reinforce PacMoore’s vision which is centered around people growth and life transformation.

At Purnaa, we know that every business has the potential to create change in society by operating according to sound ethical principles, including positive purchasing choices. Good jobs that pay living wages can truly change lives and should be the standard in every country, not just in the US.

 When companies choose to order from Purnaa’s line of Custom Print Gear, they participate in enacting good in the world and help to bring positive social impact. As a Fair Trade, ethical manufacturer based in Nepal, Purnaa empowers marginalized people and survivors of exploitation to fresh starts and fulfilled lives through dignified, sustainable employment. PacMoore’s t-shirts were made by team Ekuta, which means unity in Nepali (team members pictured on the right). Most of this team received their skills training at Purnaa and for the first time in their life found a job where they earn a living wage and are treated with dignity and respect. “Before I didn’t have anything and I couldn’t help anyone…now I can,” said one of the team members in a recent staff survey.

Environmental sustainability is a key focus at Purnaa. Traditionally, global garment supply chains are highly damaging to the environment due to the chemical and water-intensive processes of creating and dyeing fabric. In contrast, Purnaa’s Custom Print Gear products are ethically-made using GOTS-certified organic fabric, at a Fair Trade guaranteed factory.

Purnaa’s Custom Print Gear inception began when we noticed that, ironically, many companies with anti-exploitation initiatives or those committed to stopping human trafficking, were often buying merchandise made in sweatshops. Sweatshops are factories that pay incredibly low wages and require long work-days in poor working conditions. Their workers often lack the freedom to leave and are stuck in bonded labor. It’s this type of employment which traps garment workers in a cycle of poverty.

 Purnaa provides an ethical alternative to sweatshop merchandise and instead makes products that companies can proudly announce align with their values. We are working to become the best and most ethical option, offering custom print merchandise made from fabric that is traceable through a transparent supply chain and by workers paid fair-wages in good working conditions. We have been encouraged by the early success of the range.

Purnaa has t-shirts, hats and bags ready for your print! We also offer contract manufacturing services giving you the option to create your own completely custom product. If you’d like to find out more, visit or contact us directly at

Corban Bryant

Director, Purnaa

Corban Bryant is the director of Purnaa, which he co-founded in 2013. He served 7 years in the US Air Force, graduated from the US Air Force Academy and MIT, and worked as a distinguished fellow for the leading social enterprise, d.light design, in New Delhi, India. He lives with his wife Katrina and two children in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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