Not Just a “Toll Processor”

What would you say if someone described Michael Jordan as just a “basketball player?”

You’d say something, right? You’d say, “Oh come on, he is way more than that …” And then you would list out all of the attributes that differentiate him.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, and we definitely don’t want to say that we are the “Michael Jordan” of co-packaging and co-manufacturing, but really, even though we are humble, we believe that we are doing something special at our company. Something different.

So when someone says, “Oh PacMoore? They’re just a …” we tend to politely correct them.

Sure there are many aspects to our business: blending, sifting, spray drying, re-packing, and consumer packaging. Our process ranges from tolling to turnkey and anything in between. From the simplest re-packing assignment – “take off this freight car, re-pack it, and put it on that truck” – to more complex dry ingredient engineering and research and development, PacMoore provides solutions.

We have built a reputation for applying our extensive knowledge and proprietary methods to innovate for our customers and help them grow their businesses. For years, we have leveraged our trained and experienced personnel along with our range of small scale equipment – from pilot ribbon and plow blenders, to a Niro FS4 pilot spray dryer to our gluten-free pilot bakery – to deliver solutions for our customers.

While other companies literally are just “toll” shops or “re-packagers” we have had years of experience proving ourselves as a value-added business partner.

Not only do we leverage our “pilot lab” to craft and implement new ideas for a wide range of ingredient families, we are also members (in good standing) of the Purdue University Department of Food Science Industrial Associates program. Because of this, our input is requested to help Purdue develop curriculums that will prepare graduates for work in food science.  Additionally we get access to their extensive research facility and equipment which has already provided great benefits for our customers.

Talk about just a “partnership!”

We want you to think of PacMoore as your go-to partner for developing co-manufacturing and co-packaging solutions and then executing those strategies that flawlessly meet the rigorous expectations of your customers and the marketplace.