IFT18: A Matter of Science + Food

If you work in the food industry, you undoubtedly know about the annual IFT event & expo which was July 16 through 18 this year. This time around we were lucky enough to have the event on our own turf in Chicago. Of all the trade shows we attend and exhibit at, the IFT best aligns with what PacMoore does and who our customers are. The free food samples are amazing, the educational sessions are spot-on with current industry trends, and the connections we make with the leading companies of our industry are completely irreplaceable.

Our Top-Notch Team

Part of why it was so nice to have IFT18 back in Chicago this year was because it meant more of our people were able to attend. Several members of our management team were there, including Bill Moore, CEO; Gary VanDeLaarschot, President and COO; Chris Bekermeier, Vice President of Marketing and Legal Affairs; and Jon Baner, our Senior Technical Manager for Extrusion. Of course, many others from PacMoore were there to represent PacMoore and provide information about extrusion, spray drying, blending, consumer packaging, and our other capabilities. Each and every member of our team had their schedules packed with meetings and events. Take a look at just a few photos of them in the SlideShare below!


Angel Contreras: Caricatures and Comedy

We decided to switch things up a bit this year and provide some entertainment for our guests at the show. We invited caricaturist Angel Contreras to draw free caricatures for anyone who was brave enough to see what they would look like! Find out more about him at angelcontreras.net. Angel did an amazing job, and (almost) everyone loved their pictures. There was literally a line at all times for 3 straight days. Since Angel was such a big hit, we wanted to make sure everyone has the opportunity to download their own caricature, and see the hilarious drawings he did of other people too. Click here to visit the download page on Angel’s website where you can download your own image. And check out some of our favorites below!

IFT19 Here We Come!

Next year the IFT19 Expo will be held June 3-5 in New Orleans, Louisiana. We’re already looking forward to exhibiting next year and hope to see you there!

What was your favorite thing about IFT18? Did you attend any of the education sessions? Let us know in the comments below.

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