Getting the Most Out of Spray Drying Technology

Spray DryingSpray drying systems must utilize the most advanced designs and technology in order to provide efficient, cost-effective and flexible solutions. PacMoore uses the Fluidized Spray Dryer (FSD) – 4.0, offering contract spray drying solutions for companies that do not have the resources or capabilities to perform spray drying in house, yet have the need for trained expertise and controlled operations.

The Fluidized Spray Dryer – 4.0

The FSD is one of the most successful spray dryers ever developed, and is used to dry a wide range of products. Combining spray drying fluid with fluid bed drying technologies, the FSD can efficiently produce powders that are often difficult with conventional drying methods, and is an excellent technology for agglomerated or granulated products. Additional benefits of the FSD include:

  • The ability to create dustless, free-flowing products
  • Innovative design and layout improves energy economy
  • Dries hygroscopic products
  • Improves aroma retention
  • Provides excellent product flexibility and thermal efficiency

Contract Spray Drying

In a challenging economy, there comes a need to improve business operations, services and products while keeping costs low. PacMoore offers contract spray drying services for companies that do not have ready access to the training, technology or facilities for controlled spray drying processes, yet still must meet the quality standards that only professional spray drying can achieve.

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