Food Packaging Customers Reap Benefits From Skilled PacMoore Employees

Indiana based PacMoore Products incorporates robust training programs to the benefit of its employees and customers.

PacMoore Products, a leading contract manufacturer of dry processed foods is seeing substantial results from its comprehensive employee-training program. These changes have helped the dry-ingredient blender save time, deliver high-quality co-packing solutions, and offer its customers exemplary solutions for their campaigns.

“Rigorously training our employees has allowed us to give our customers increased flexibility and improved service, reduced turnaround times for campaign launches, and resulted in fewer deviations,” said Bill Moore, President of PacMoore. “And because our customers have seen consistently excellent results, they have given us more business and we have grown significantly.”

PacMoore maintains a structured training program that consists of four elements: orientation, ‘Target Talks,’ S.A.F.E. training, and ESL classes. Orientation empowers workers to make effective, quality decisions, solve-problems successfully, and perform their jobs safely. ‘Target Talks,’ a PacMoore proprietary training program developed to focus on critical job functions while reinforcing English language skills through interactive learning. The S.A.F.E. Training Program (Stop, Analyze, Fix, Educate) promotes and teaches problem solving and related safety and quality requirements. PacMoore also provides an English as a Second Language (ESL) 16-week course designed to develop necessary basic language and math skills.

The results of the training initiative are significant. PacMoore has single digit labor turnover rates; substantially lower than the industry average. All measures of safety and quality are dramatically improved for the better. Customers recognize that they have a loyal, tenured, highly trained staff working on their products, and appreciate the attention to detail and level of service.

“We also have a track record that says we care about our staff,” Moore said, “The training we are actually most proud of is that which affects our employees personal lives as well – English as a Second Language, GED training, leadership training, marriage enhancement, etc. We want to have a positive impact on every area of our employees’ lives and make sure they know they are valued.”

About PacMoore Products: PacMoore Products is a leading provider of contract manufacturing, contract packaging, spray drying and turnkey solutions to the global food industry. PacMoore is one of the nation’s leading contract manufacturers, processing and packaging more than 150 million pounds of dry food ingredients per year.