Why Food Labeling Matters for Consumers and Contract Manufacturers

As one of the leading external contract manufacturers, PacMoore understands that a consistent, accurate and up-to-date labeling system plays a crucial role in the packaging process – especially when it comes to food products.

Consumers want to know what is in their food, whether they have food allergies, they are watching their weight, they only eat organic foods, or they have food-related religious beliefs. Whatever the case, they have a right and a need to know what they are eating, and food manufacturers are responsible for providing that information clearly. People with gluten allergies, for example, cannot eat foods that have been processed within systems that may be contaminated with gluten. For that reason, manufacturers must receive the proper certifications in order to process certain types of food and label them as such.

PacMoore is certified to handle, process and package kosher, grade A dairy, organic, gluten-free and halal foods. We also offer a wide range of labeling options, from pre-printed stickers and bags to bar code label printing and general label printing. We label shipping loads appropriately to ensure products are handled safely and delivered on time.

PacMoore offers advanced contract manufacturing solutions, backed by an expert staff committed to excellence. For more information on our manufacturing services, visit www.PacMoore.com.