FDA Takes Steps to Improve Food Manufacturing Safety

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently released its “Strategic Plan for Regulatory Science,” in response to the rise of health issues that have been affecting thousands of U.S. consumers due to unsafe food products. In addition to modernizing the development and evaluation of food products, the plan works to put responsibility on food manufacturing companies to maintain accurate records of manufacturing data and ensure compliance with strict regulations.

At PacMoore, we put quality and safety at the forefront of everything we do. We understand the need for highly superior equipment to not only increase production and maintain accuracy, consistency and quick turnarounds, but to also ensure close measurements of food quality and safety. Our two Indiana facilities operate advanced spray drying, dry blending and packaging equipment backed by a staff of expert technicians. Behind every PacMoore process and manufacturing machine are manufacturing professionals committed to quality.

Our food standard approvals include certification for kosher, grade A dairy, organic, gluten-free and halal food products. In addition, our plants have earned HACCP certificates, A ratings from the BRC, and the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) approvals, though these industry standards are just the starting point. We continually work to exceed quality standards every day.

The PacMoore team continually stays up-to-date on the latest in food manufacturing news, regulations and compliance programs. For more information on our food manufacturing services and quality assurance processes, visit www.PacMoore.com.